COP18: Central America must get recognition as a highly vulnerable region

COP18 (27/11/12) – Monica Lopez Baltodano from the Climate Change Office at Centro Humboldt talks about a new report showing Nicaragua as the third most affected country from climate change. She says it is not a surprise but it is bad news that Central American countries took both the first and third spots in the report.

She says that it is wrong that Central America does not have any special recognition within the UNFCCC process as a highly vulnerable region and that she wants to push delegations for this greater recognition.

She talks about the projects she is involved in on the ground trying to help  incorporate adaptation into the way they manage their homes and their industries.

She hopes being at COP18 she can make links with both other Central American countries and also other vulnerable countries, to push for a strong emissions treaty for 2020 and also for the necessary adaptation finance and technology transfer.

She questions whether it will take more hurricane Sandies or more flooding in London to get developed countries to sign up to a new treaty but says she hopes these countries do not have to suffer in the same way Nicaragua has suffered.