COP18: Putting the human face on our disappearing island states

COP18 (04/12/12) – Claude Mostowik, Delegation Liaison at Pacific Calling Partnership talks about the risks to island states from climate change. He says the biggest and most obvious risk is that these countries are sinking from rising sea waters.

He says the extreme weather events, droughts and heavy rains, are affecting the livelihoods of island communities. He says his organisation work to provide a voice for the people so they can speak to themselves.

He says it is about changing the narrative on climate change and presenting the human face of what people are living with everyday. He stresses that it comes back to climate justice, that those with the lowest ecological footprint are paying the highest price.

He says most of these nations want to stay on their islands, where their homes and their cemeteries are but that they are now being covered by water.