COP18: Helping developing countries find their voice in the climate finance talks

COP18 (30/11/12) – Dan Hamza-Goodacre, Assistant Director at the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) talks about the network’s latest project aimed at aiding developed countries be more influential within climate finance negotiations.

He explains some of their services including a rapid response unit which has brought together advisors, to be at the negotiations, on hand to answer any questions that developing nation delegates may have – allowing them to make the best response within the negotiations as the discussions take place.

He also talks about other aspects of their work, including briefing papers, knowledge management systems and research to help make developing nations more informed, more knowledgeable and ultimately more influential.

He stresses that often these nations have struggled to have a voice amongst richer countries. He describes the UNFCCC and the Green Climate Fund negotiations as ‘complex and difficult to follow’ and says that often developing nations have just one or two representatives at each conference, spread across multiple discussions and issues.

He warns that it is often these poorer countries with the quietest voice that are hardest hit from climate change.