COP18: Business community waiting for clear policy signal to invest in climate change solutions

COP18 (01/12/12) – Dirk Forrister, President and CEO at the International Emissions Trading Association talks about the continued momentum for the inclusion of business in climate change solutions.

He says businesses are still waiting on strong policy signals to emerge to show them how and where to invest their money. He explains that his organisation is in Doha to get involved in a number of issues including market mechanisms and how business can help address climate change cost effectively.

He talks about the new market mechanism which was announced in Durban and how interested the business community is in seeing how this will play out. He says they are also interested in how the Green Climate Fund will work alongside such a mechanism and also in the linkages between emissions trading schemes around the world and the overhaul to the Clean Development Mechanism.

He says that the delegations at the conference are opening up more to the private sector and are beginning to understand that they will have to be a part of the solution.