Peter Bond

COP19: Peter Bond on clean coal & Australia’s latest actions

COP19 (14/11/13) – Peter Bond of Linc Energy talks about the coal industry and what needs to be done if there is to be a move towards renewable energy. He also discusses clean coal and tries to dispel some misconceptions.

He begins with highlighting that coal is not necessarily the problem, as it is still one of the cheapest and efficient energy sources available. As long as there are emerging economies, coal will be the cornerstone of their energy consumption.

He goes on to say that at present coal production is actually increasing and that it will be a long time before we see a reduction in coal production.

The coal industry according to him is more than just a CO2 footprint – it’s an employer and an industry driver.

In order to get people within the coal industry to divest and move to cleaner energy he says there needs to be an alternative. As long as there is not a cheaper and more efficient source it will be hard to get those in the coal industry to move their money.

He goes on to talk about clean coal and the fact that it is, despite claims otherwise, a cleaner energy source. He states that it is 70% cleaner that conventional coal production.

He finishes off his interview by giving his opinions on the Australian government’s recent action regarding mitigation targets and repealing the carbon tax.