COP19: Balgis Osman-Elasha on the African Development Bank Group’s climate change framework

COP19 (16/11/2013) – Balgis Osman-Elasha, Climate Change Specialist, African Development Bank Group talks about developing a framework to monitor and evaluate the progress of the African Development Bank Group’s climate change action plan.

She says the main pillars for their work are focussed on low carbon development, adaptation, resilience development and finance.

She says that the framework is intended to allow them to see whether they are achieving results or not.

In terms of emissions, she says that although at present Africa produces less than 4% of the world’s emissions, in the future this is expected to increase. She says this is why the bank wants to achieve green development – such as sustainable transport for example.

She says, by 2015, she hopes to have at least some of the results achieved.