Pauliina Parhiala

COP19: Pauliina Parhiala on importance of faith in tackling climate change

COP19 (16/11/13) – Pauliina Parhiala, Deputy General Secretary, Actalliance, talks about the importance of faith in tackling climate change.

She talks about the work of Actalliance in pulling together 140 churches and church-related organisations to engage in humanitarian relief, development and advocacy programmes across the world.

Parhiala says their role at the UN Climate Talks is to amplify the voices of local communities.

Churches increasingly find themselves in secular contexts but in other regions, faith is a key driving force for people – in particular on the topics of justice and equity, she says.

Parhiala says churches have a huge task to educate and mobilise people with regards to climate change. Christianity, she says, calls for good stewardship of our planet.