Cristoph Bals

COP19: Cristoph Bals Germanwatch on Europe’s lack of ambition

COP19 (15/11/13) – Cristoph Bals is the Policy Director for Germanwatch a non-governmental organisation that watches this process, particularly the role that Germany and the EU are playing.

COP19 is currently not going well, according to Bals and he wishes to see a plan constructed this year for a future deal and have a year of ambition.

On pre-2020 ambition he sees the actions of Canada, Japan and Australia as hindering progress.

The EU in the past has been climate leader – legislating to reduce emissions, sending positive messages to governments around the world. However the EU is currently stalling having reached its 2020 target and refusing to increase its target any further. He thinks the EU has lost its position as climate leaders and is worried that they are sending signals that could lock society in a fossil fuel future.