Du Xiangwan

COP19: Du Xiangwan on China’s commitment to reducing emissions

COP19 (20/11/13) – Du Xiangwan, CEA Member, Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Engineering talks about China’s commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions before 2020.

He says China will continue to increase its emissions but will reduce them by 40% of the level they were growing at in 2005.

He says although China’s economic growth has been high over the past 30 years, it is not sustainable. Therefore, Du Xiangwan says, China has to change its development pattern which will involve changing the structures of its industries so that they are more energy efficient.

He also says renewable energy is an important pillar in improving China’s energy structure – in particular wind energy, solar energy and nuclear energy.

Du Xiangwan adds the USA’s development pattern is currently not good because it continues to consume approximately 20% of the world’s energy. He therefore thinks the USA should take the lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.