Bill Hare

COP19: Bill Hare on why global temperatures will be higher than expected

COP19 (20/11/13) – Bill Hare, Director and Senior Scientist, Climate Analytics talks about why global temperatures in the future are set to be higher than currently predicted.

After assessing whether countries are meeting their international commitments, his research shows that there will be significantly higher emissions in the future which will lead to higher global temperatures.

He says in order to close the emissions gap by 2020 we need political decisions to be made in Warsaw.

If temperatures rise beyond what is predicted, he says there will be alarming consequences. Food production and water supplies will be affected giving rise to increased malnutrition and hunger. In addition, climate-induced poverty will rise in urban areas.

He attributes this to the continued use of fossil fuels, including a rising use of coal, as well as the lack of ambition by some countries, such as Australia, to take action against climate change.