COP19: Riley McAuliffe on Australia and loss & damage mechanism

COP19 (20/11/13) -Riley McAuliffe a Global Voices Australian Youth Delegate discusses her country’s actions at the conference as well as the need for a mechanism on loss and damage.

The actions of Australia at these talks and at home have been disappointing but there is reason to hold onto hope Riley assures us.

Last Sunday 80,000 Australian people took part in the national day of climate action. They sent a strong message to the Australian government that they will hopefully hear and we should continue to hope that Australia can bring constructive work to these talks this week and ambition for the future.

She also talks about the importance of loss and damage. Loss and damage is important for all nations, particularly Australia as not only will it be hit by climate impacts, small islands near it may go under water completely. Australia has a lot to gain from such a mechanism and should have a great stake in the loss and damage negotiations.