COP19: Darcy Gilligan on Australia setting a bad example

COP19: Darcy Gilligan on Australia setting a bad example

COP19 (20/11/13) – Darcy Gilligan, Global Voices Australian Youth Delegate talks about the disappointment he feels about the Australian government actions and hopes that they do not send wrong signals to other developed nations.

The fact that Australia has chosen not to send a minister to these talks has deeply concerned the Australian people.

The impact of Australia’s lack of ambition can have on other developing nations is worrying.

Gilligan hopes that it does not give an excuse to other developed countries to hesitate on their level of ambition. Australia is back tracking by reducing its emission reduction target from 25% to 5%.

Despite the lack of constructive action by his country, Gilligan talks about the refreshing amount of work that is being done currently in these last couple of days at the conference. A draft text to be agreed has been released by the Polish presidency. Whilst there is no consensus on the content of the text, there are constructive conversations happening between countries and there is hope that they will come to consensus soon.