Chung-Ming Liu

COP19: Chung-Ming Liu & Ying-Shih Hsieh on ‘Sponge Eco Cities’

COP19 (18/11/13) – Chung-Ming Liu & Ying-Shih Hsieh from the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation talk about The Sponge Eco City.

The Sponge Eco City stores water under the city on rainy days and then releases water vapour on hot days to help cool cities and minimise hazards of climate change.

The technology they say is excellent and they hope to promote it to the public and are currently engaging different civil society groups in Taiwan.

The method behind it is that pavements will be constructed to have pores that allow water and air in. These pavements will also capture a large percentage of emission from cars. Water will then be filtered so that only clean water vapour is being released.

Boundaries they currently face are in changing the minds of their government and convincing them to think differently about how pavements can be used. They hope this technology can be pushed out to developing nations too.