GEF 5: Jose Ramon Ardavin Ituarte, Executive Director, CESPEDES

Jose Ramon Ardavin Ituarte, Executive Director, CESPEDES talks about how the organisation is assisting Mexico’s transition to a more sustainable economy.

According to Ituarte, CESPEDES is working to promote energy reform in Mexico, in particular, the growth of renewable energy, energy efficiency and cogeneration.

As a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Mexico, Ituarte explains that CESPEDES is aiming to improve the environment for businesses to get engaged with sustainable development initiatives.

He says, although the path has been challenging in the past, 80 billion dollars has been committed to various projects by businesses so far.

However, Ituarte says there are also barriers. Financing has been problematic particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure has proved challenging as well.

Nevertheless, Ituarte says he believes that the issues of finance and infrastructure are on their way to being solved.