GEF 5: Manuel Gomez Pena, VP, Sustainability, Walmart, USA

GEF 5: Manuel Gomez Pena, VP, Sustainability, Walmart, USA

Manuel Gomez Pena, VP, Sustainability, Walmart, USA talks about Walmart’s efforts to reduce its direct and indirect carbon footprint while also continuing growing the global business.

He says, Walmart is working to reduce its direct carbon footprint by addressing its operations and use of transportation. Pena adds, the business is also setting up more than 1200 stores in Mexico that are planned to be powered by renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydro power, by the end of 2014.

Pena explains how Walmart is also working to reduce its indirect carbon footprint by making its supply chain more environmentally–friendly.

He says Walmart is planning to be active at the UN climate summit being held later this year in September 2014. He says it is important that the private sector speaks up in international forums because the power of partnerships between governments, NGOs and the private sector will be crucial to tackling climate change. He says a collaborative effort will allow the international community to identity opportunities: from better agricultural practices to energy efficiency.

He believes businesses are now stepping up to combat climate change as it makes business sense in the short and long-term.