Randy Ramadhar Singh, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Singh discusses Trinidad and Tobago’s INDC and climate adaptation in his country. They are concerned about energy security and natural disaster resilience. Trinidad as the most industrialised country in the Caribbean has all their natural gas and petrochemical plants located on the shoreline. Tobago on the hand has been deliberately underdeveloped and relies heavily on its coastal tourist industry. Whilst recognising that Trinidad’s hydrocarbon industry is part of the problem, Singh explains how the country is slowly phasing out diesel and phasing in cleaner natural gas and high efficiency combined cycle power generation. Their long-term plan is to reduce reliability of the power and transport sector on hydrocarbons. Finally he believes COP21 should still be pushing for a 1.5-degree temperature limit and tells us Trinidad & Tobago’s INDC is consistent with a 2-degree goal.