Winnie Khaemba, Research Fellow Acts

Winnie’s organisation has been working on research, capacity building and policy analysis. They are at COP21 to host a series of side events sharing their work on INDCs, community based adaptation and to follow the COP21 process. Winnie gives an analysis of the African INDCs and their trends, telling us that countries with high ambition such as Kenya and Ethiopia are hoping to achieve their ambition through financial support, all of the African INDC mitigation efforts are strongly linked to development issues and most them have included adaptation plans in their INDC as well. Finally, agriculture and food security come up as a key aspect being prioritised by African countries with mitigation efforts related to developing a renewable energy sector. Winnie hopes to see a Paris agreement that ensures a long term and sustainable financial mechanism that guarantees small island states, African nations and other vulnerable communities help in achieving their pledges. She also hopes to see a commitment on meeting the 2 degree target.