Michael Gill, ATAG

Michael tells Climate Home that ATAG are at COP21 to ensure delegates understand what the aviation industry have done in taking a pro-active approach to climate change. In 2008 the aviation industry set three targets 1) improve emissions by 1.5 % 2) reach carbon neutral growth by 2020 3) from 2050 onwards half their carbon emissions when compared to 2005 levels. Michael recognises that the aviation industry accounts for 2-3% of global emissions and as a sector is continuing to expand. He explains that the aviation industry is being proactive in decoupling emissions rise from industry growth. He believes aviation’s carbon dioxide impact will decrease over time. Finally, Michael discusses the role of biofuel in aviation and informs Climate Home that currently over 200 commercial fights use biofuels and some airlines are making long-term investments to get biofuels on board. Finally, Michael is confident that the aviation industry has climate change high on their political agenda.