Rio+20: Emerging economies must step up and contribute to common goal

Rio+20 (13/06/2012) –  Corrado Clini, Italian Minister for Environment says he believes that while the Rio+20 conference will not end with a treaty, it will be a process which allows countries to come together and find common ground and common background in addressing sustainability and sustainable development at a global level moving forward in the next few decades.

He says Italy can bring with it an understanding of the private sector and what they have achieved in recent years in finding practical standards and solutions for developing a sustainable future for the industrial sectors.

For Clini it is important that the conference talks into account the economic reality of today and while he stresses historic responsibilities matter – how the developed world used natural resources and what they did to the planet over the last 60-80 years – he says the emerging economies must also step up and join the common objective.

Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico and India should all work together to combine economic growth with the protection of the planet, he says.