Rio+20: Unprecedented focus on the Oceans a positive step

Rio+20 (16/06/2012) – Wendy Watson-Wright at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission at UNESCO takes about the optimism the IOC have seeing so many leaders and institutions coming together for Oceans Day saying that it has not been enough of a priority in the past.

At Rio+20 she says there is unprecedented focus on the oceans – with 20 paragraphs of the text focused upon them, and hopes that some of the issues which have been taken out of the ‘watered down’ text will be replaced to ensure observation on the oceans.

She refers to ocean acidification as one of the biggest problem facing not only the oceans but the planets and is glad to see more media attention on the issue but warns that it must not become the case that because the oceans do not belong to anyone that nobody cares about them.