Rio+20: Solidaridad’s Jeroen Douglas explains how fairtrade can make the mainstream

Rio+20 (16/06/2012) – Jeroen Douglas, Director Fundacion Solidaridad Latonoamericana (Director, Solidaridad Foundation, Latin America) talks about 20 years of sustainability since the first Rio Earth summit.

Solidaridad works on sustainablity of supply lines, and initiating fairtrade. A journey that started with coffee, the company now works with 14 commodities including cocoa, tea, cottons, tropical fruits, soybeans, palm oil and livestock.

He says, since sustainability became much more relevant in the 1990s, and companies began to embrace sustainability as the dominant message, he has seen the same pattern emerge with all of the commodities the company works with – first they hit the niche markets, then they become mainstream, and finally the laggards catch up.