COP18: Climate change ripple effect will hit all of society

COP18 – (26/11/12) – Taki Eddine Djeffal from the Arab Youth Climate Movement talks about how the group formed in the build up to the COP18 conference – the first climate conference in an Arab country.

He explains how the group is made up of young people from across the region that want to stand up and let their governments know they are affected by and care about climate change. He says they are in Doha to push Arab countries to make a pledge to find solutions to climate change.

Djeffal says people should feel hope that it is the same country (Qatar) that emits carbon into the air is also willing to host the COP18 summit and that it is a sign Arab governments are opening up to the climate debate.

He talks about how the Arab Spring opened the way for the AYCM to form, and says that while issues such as education, the economy and health are important for people in the region, focusing on climate change is vital as it has a ripple effect and will exacerbate all other issues. He warns it will affect everything and will hit the economy and the people of all countries around the world, not just the Arab nations.