COP18: Nigerian women want a voice in climate discussions

COP18 (27/11/12) – Queen Ehirim, National Coordinator for the Global Community Peace Network Initiative talks about what how climate change is impacting women in Nigeria. She says that climate change hugely affects the women of Nigeria who are often the main breadwinner of the average family in the country.

She says that most people in Nigeria are still earning just $2 a day and a huge amount of women are small scale farmers. When floods come because of climate change it is the women who are most affected, says Ehirim. Farms are lost, houses are lost and when there is no food on the table, young children will die of hunger, she warns.

She says she wants to speak for the women of Nigeria and warns that the only way to get women involved in climate change and adaptation measures will be through social inclusion and government policies.

She says women in Nigeria want a voice but no one is listening.