COP18: Women’s health is being impacted by climate change

COP18 (27/11/12) – Cecilia Kibe from the Kenya Climate Justice Women Champions talks about her work trying to bring women into the decision making process on climate change. She explains the structure of her organisation and how it helps the flow of information from national to village level and back again.

She also talks about the challenges facing women in Kenya from climate change, particularly the health impacts. She says that women are suffering from nutritional problems – which is particularly bad for pregnant women – and anaemia as they do not get enough iron. She also talks about the back ache women get from carrying heavy loads of firewood and water long distances and the respiratory problems caused by unclean cooking fuels.

She says that women have traditionally been omitted from the decision making process, and that her organisation is working to get women included at all levels. She says this will be the best way to get discussions going on climate change.