COP18: Women can help build resilience to climate change

COP18 (27/11/12) – Josephine Castillo, Grassroots Leader at DAMPA Federation talks about how her network is helping to build resilient cities in the Philippines.

She talks about how women in the country are affected by climate change impacts including floods, with many of them having to resettle after being displaced by rising waters. She also says their livelihoods are affected by climate change – especially in rural areas.

She says that it is important to build resilient communities to then build resilient cities and a resilient country. She talks about the work they do on capacity building, awareness raising and letting women know what their rights are and what they can do to be prepared.

She talks about the Philippines’ recently passed Climate Change Act and how women have a chance to be on the council for this new law and drive change both at local and national levels.

She calls for a better space to be created so these measures can also been seen at the international level.