Joan MacNaughton

COP18: Clear sustainable energy policies attract investment

COP18 (01/12/2012) – Joan MacNaughton, Executive Chair of the World Energy Council, explains her organisation’s report which ranks 93 member countries for the sustainability of their energy policies. This is measured through three indicators: energy security, social equity (affordability and access to energy services) and environmental impact mitigation.

The top three countries in the index are Sweden, Switzerland and Canada. What these countries have in common, she says, is balanced approaches to the three dimensions of sustainability and a consistent approach to energy policy. She admits that it is easier for wealthier countries to rank higher as they have the legacy of investment in energy, and describes the challenges for developing countries, but insists that the report’s key finding is that it is policy that makes the difference, over the wealth or development of a country.

She says that of the CEOs interviewed, they would be inclined to invest in countries displaying clear, consistent and strategic approaches to energy policy. What she wants to bring to the talks is the message that industry wants to be part of the solution and play its part in developing and implementing sustainable energy. The World Energy Council is encouraging countries to engage in a dialogue with business and to feed business expertise into policies so that they can work best to deliver sustainable energy systems.