COP18: Youth are powerful, connected and making change now

COP18: Youth are powerful, connected and making change now

COP18 (29/11/12) – Kyle Gracey, part of the board of directors for US Youth for Sustainable Development (SustainUS), explains how young people are tackling climate change both inside and outside of UN negotiations.

Gracey explains how SustainUS participate with different youth groups within negotiations, building the capacity of their international peers to tackle climate change, engaging with the media, holding creative actions and movement building both inside and outside of the UNFCCC.

Gracey emphasises that the internet is facilitating international collaboration throughout the year, not just during COPs. He sees young people having a great impact in many nations through their own domestic networks.

Gracey recognises that there is a growing international youth climate movement, highlighting the explosion in the number of young people engaging with the climate change negotiations as one example.

Gracey ends by explaining the dissatisfaction of young people with the deal currently on the table at the talks, explaining that a huge increase in the scale of emission reductions is required, as well as an increase in climate finance and the transfer of technology available for developing nations.