COP18: Time to improve climate education - UNICEF

COP18: Time to improve climate education – UNICEF

COP18 (30/11/12) – Stephanie Hodge, Program Specialist (Education) for UNICEF, argues that a complete transformation is needed in climate change education and explains how UNICEF plans to drive that.

Hodge is categoric in stating that the way in which climate change and disaster risk reduction is taught in schools is irrelevant and ineffective. She describes it as ‘antiquated’ and in dire need of updating.

Hodge explains that this was the motivation for UNICEF’s new resource kit, which they have spent the past four years developing alongside the Earth Child Institute. She outlines the aims and contents of the kit, comprising ten modules.

Hodge stresses that unless education has a central role in the mitigation of and the adaptation to climate change, we will not succeed in tackling the climate crisis. She asserts that a cross-sectoral approach is essential, both in terms of academic subjects but also in terms of the partners UNICEF engages with in rolling out this programme.