Graham Stuart MP on UK climate action

Graham Stuart MP on UK climate action

Graham Stuart MP

The new GLOBE Climate Legislation study will build trust between individual countries at the UN negotiations, British MP Graham Stuart says, because it demonstrates how widespread action to address global warming actually is.

“There’s a tendency in many countries to think that they alone are doing something, and other countries aren’t,” he said.

“What this shows is that there is widespread action, in Brazil, Korea, China and Africa.”

Stuart added that there was still a consensus among British MPs over the danger and need to address climate change.

“We’re at a time of austerity and people are asking why we are giving money to international aid, why are we giving so much money when there’s dispute over the science and climategate.

“But there is a risk, and that’s why I think it’s so important we use the language of risk.

“I have members of the Conservative Party who are pretty sceptical, but actually, are they denying there is any risk? Is it a huge global conspiracy just to defraud us and fund academic departments?

“I think that’s unlikely”