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COP19: Suzanna Anstine Norbeck & Gregg Walker on significance of mediation

COP19 (16/11/13) – Suzanna Anstine Norbeck J.D., Mediators Beyond Borders International, and Gregg B. Walker, Oregon State University, talk about their work educating the delegates about mediation and the mediation process.

They would like to see mediation included in the text and they are encouraging the delegates to include detailed language about conflict management in the final protocols.

Walker says that resources should be there to help communities and countries manage their conflicts and turn to mediation to resolve their issues in a peaceful way.

Norbeck adds that the delegates have responded well to their work and have been receptive to learning about mediation.

They say that although the challenge of finding a consensus at these talks is formidable, they are willing to think innovatively about developing a consensus process that works.