Anna Leidreiter

COP19: Anna Leidreiter on why positive stories can overturn climate change resistance

COP19 (19/11/13) – Anna Leidreiter, Policy Officer, Climate and Energy, World Future Council talks about why resistance from countries to agree on concrete action at COP 19 is not deterring organisations like the World Future Council.

She says the Council wants to put the focus on positive stories of climate change mitigation and adaptation around the world, because there are transferable lessons that all countries can learn from.

She says it is crucial to inform policy-makers of policies that have proven successful in order to let them know that change is possible.

Cape Verde, she says, is an example of how the renewable energy sector can be used to mitigate climate change, accelerate economic growth and also generate jobs.

Leidreiter also mentions the positive cases of Denmark, Iceland, Scotland, Germany, Austria and Small Island States, such as the Cook Islands who have announced their 100% renewable energy target.

She talks about the World Future Council’s global campaign on 100% renewable energy, which was launched this year, together with nine other organisations. She says the campaign demonstrates the global movement that exists to combat climate change.