Augustine Bantar Njamnshi

COP19: Augustine Bantar Njamnshi talks about need for climate justice in Africa

COP19 (17/11/13) – Augustine Bantar Njamnshi of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance talks about the need to move past business as usual and provide climate justice to the African people.

He says that they have seen these talks go on forever and in light of the IPCC report there has to be real progress. The climate should not be dealt with like a commodity being bargained over the counter.

Njamnshi says that in Africa they are already dealing with the affects of climate change and desperately need developed countries to cut emission and provide technology for developing nations to deal with climate change.

He finds the news of certain countries, like Japan, going back on emission reduction targets shocking. However he believes it is important that his organisation keeps faith in these talks and keep demanding climate justice.