Pål G

COP19: Pål G. Bergan on the storage of energy

COP19 (18/11/13) – Pål G. Bergan of Nest Energy Storage Technology talks about the mechanisms that the company uses to store energy and why it is key that we develop this technology.

Energy storage is important because it ensures that energy is available even when it is not being produced.

Solar energy for example, is not available during the night, so it is important that energy is stored so that the availability of energy is not irregular. He says the energy storage technology is especially important for those in isolated areas that are not near grids and need storage facilities to enable them to have energy.

He describes the mechanisms they use to store energy saying that they store energy whether it is from renewable power, wind power, electricity or any other sources in heat form.

The technology that they use consists of many batteries (thermal storage units) and it would not be difficult to scale this up. This would be particularly useful for developing countries that do not have large energy grids.