David Nussbaum

COP19: David Nussbaum on aligning politics with science

COP19 (19/11/13) – David Nussbaum, Chief Executive, WWF-UK, says politics needs to align with the proof shown by science about the urgent action needed to combat climate change.

He says that political leaders need to treat COP differently to other negotiations like those on trade for example. The agenda at COP has been set by science.

Ahead of the UN’s Climate Summit next year, governments need to put some thought into their commitment on money and mitigation. This would then set a positive framework in motion for COP next year in Peru, when hopefully they will be able to agree on items for Paris COP in 2015.

Nussbaum also says he can understand why governments are cautions when it comes to spending money on other countries in a time of fiscal pressure.

But he says the sooner these decisions are taken, the cheaper it will be to implement them.

If governments are so concerned by where the money for loss and damage and mitigation can come from, Nussbaum suggests taxing the shipping and aviation industries who are in receipt of generous tax breaks.

Although he is confident a solution can be reached by 2015, his concern is whether there is the political will to do it.