COP19: Piero Pelizzaro talks about the work of the Kyoto Club

COP19 (17/11/13) – Piero Pelizzaro, the Head of the International Cooperation Unit for the Kyoto Club, says that they use the triple annex approach to promote the Kyoto Protocol and the new 2020 targets among its stakeholders.

He speaks about facilitating a dialogue between the private sector, the public sector and citizens to create greater awareness around climate change and sustainable development.

He says that two key areas that they are pushing for is mitigation and adaptation.

Adaptation is important because we will not have to wait until 2050 to see the effects of climate change as we are already experiencing them. He says that the global north could learn a lot from the global south when it comes to adaptation and making cities resilient to climate change as they are well experienced in dealing with it.