Sufiyan M. B.

COP19: Sufiyan M. B. & Jibo Nura speak about African Research Centre

COP19 (15/11/13) – Sufiyan M.B. and Jibo Nura from the African Research Centre in Africa speak about the projects and research currently being undertaken by their centre.

They agreed that awareness about climate change was low in their region and that a lot of work was still to be done, particularly in rural areas.

A project they have recently undertaken encourages pupils in primary and secondary schools to plant trees. It aims to engage the grass roots community and partners of the project including government ministers for the environment. To date they have planted at least 2,000 trees in areas that suffer from deforestation.

The research centre is also making efforts to assist people with the health issues related to climate change, including for malnutrition and changing disease patterns.