Stefan Gsänger

COP19: Stefan Gsänger on the promising potential of wind energy

COP19 (19/11/13) – Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association talks about the promising potential of wind energy for commercial purposes.

He says we can cover the entire demand for energy around the world with wind energy although the World Wind Energy Association is proposing using a mix of renewable energy resources.

Gsänger says wind energy is currently being used to generate 30% of Denmark’s electricity. In fact, the Danish Government is seeking to raise this to 50%.

He says excess wind energy can even be used for heating and transportation purposes. Another advantage is that every country can harvest wind energy. Furthermore, wind energy is the cheapest option for electricity generation. For example, recently in Brazil wind power was found to be cheaper than every other energy option – including hydroelectricity, gas, coal and nuclear energy.