Radha Muthiah, GACC

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves focuses on ensuring populations at the base of the pyramid have access to cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions. They are at COP21 to advocate this solution so that the 3 billion people depended on food cooked on solid fuels can transition to cleaner and more efficient stoves. Radha explains that cleaner burning fuels and more efficient and cleaner burning stoves are a win win win solution for health, climate, forests and development. Clean cooking stoves reduce deforestation and forest degradation as less fuel is needed to cook with, they reduce the emission of black carbon and carbon dioxide which is beneficial for the climate and improves the health of families exposed to toxic smoke from cooking over open fires. Currently 50% of wood harvested is used for household energy needs, up to 20% of black carbon emissions come from burning solid fuels and globally 4 million deaths result from toxic smoke from open cooking fires. Finally, Radha tells Climate Home that clean and efficient stoves allow women more free time as they don’t need to collect as much fuel, cooking times decrease which empowers them to spend time diversifying their income and living healthier.