Francois Rogers

COP18: Gender equality key to climate resilient communities

COP18 (27/11/2012) – Francois Rogers, Special Advisor for the Global Gender Office at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, describes how implementation is key to climate change solutions that also advance gender equality.

To effect this transformational change, he describes the innovative gender and climate change action plans that IUCN are implementing across 12 countries, including Egypt, Costa Rica and Jordan. These multi-stakeholder initiatives are based on taking real action on the ground to build climate resilient communities that equally empower women.

He describes the four-stage process of writing these action plans to ensure that the programmes are contextually appropriate and involve capacity building among women, to enable them to meaningfully engage with these strategies. By approaching gender from a more scientific and technical perspective, Rogers describes how the IUCN frames gender issues not around reproductive rights, but on issues of environmental management.