COP18: 'Echoes from Doha' can be important drivers of change

COP18: ‘Echoes from Doha’ can be important drivers of change

COP18 (28/11/12) – Abiodun D. Odunga, a member of the Nigerian youth delegation, explains his view of the the role of young people at the UN climate talks in highlighting the inadequacy of governments’ efforts to tackle climate change.

Odunga describes his organisation’s programme, “Echoes from Doha”, in which they use social media and partnerships with radio and television stations to accessibly communicate the developments in Doha to young people in Nigeria.

Odunga also explains the work his organisation undertakes to empower young people to act on climate change through workshops in schools and national days of action. He explains that recent flooding in Nigeria has been a real catalyst for action on climate change.