COP18: Scotland’s 100% renewable target is feasible, says Minister

COP18 (04/12/12) – Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Scotland talks about the country’s domestic policies for renewable energy and efficiency measures.

He talks about their legal target to reduce their carbon emissions by 42% by 2050 and says they are already halfway to achieving this goal. He also talks about the target of going 100% renewable – with an interim target of 50% renewable by 2050 – which he says is fully achievable.

He warns that with the majority of Scotland’s building being old housing stock and with the country having below average temperatures, energy efficiency will play a huge role.

He admits energy bills in Scotland have risen with green policies but says this rise is minimal compared to the rise because of the wholesale gas market. He stresses that the country is trying to future proof against similar rises in the future.