COP18: Identifying the false solutions to climate change

COP18: Identifying the false solutions to climate change

COP18 (06/12/12) – Simone Lovera, Managing Coordinator for the Global Forest Coalition talks about the work she is doing raising awareness about some of her organisation’s the concerns around forestry.

She says they try to focus on getting people to understand the false solutions to climate change that are being circulated at the talks.

She focuses in on biofuels as say this is one of the major concerns of her organisation that this could lead to deforestation. She warns that a lot of subsidies are going to biomass and says that they can lead to the displacement of people and forest conversion.

She also talks about REDD and says that there are a lot of fairytales around the potential of the scheme to address climate change. She says that forests are an unreliable source of carbon and explains the problems that exist about the monitoring the reference levels.

She says that a more rounded view is needed for forestry – that includes its potential for mitigation and adaptation, its role in livelihoods, food and water management.