Climate action is in nations' self-interest, says former UK Minister

Climate action is in nations’ self-interest, says former UK Minister

Proving that tackling climate change is in the national interest is crucial for politicians faced with an aggressive lobby against climate action, a former UK environment minister has said.

Dealing with emissions in a way that was also beneficial for the economy is an important tool for lawmakers said Lord Deben, chair of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change and President of GLOBE International .

“If you can reduce the energy you are using and spread your energy sources you cease to be dependent on a few countries for that energy  and you keep energy prices down, leave alone climate change,” he told RTCC at GLOBE’s international summit in London.

GLOBE also launch its third report on domestic climate legislation around the world, which assessed positive steps in countries as diverse as China, Argentina, Vietnam and the UK.

“What this document really does is not only show that a very large number of countries are doing these things, but that they are doing it for self-interest as well as for international interest. That is very helpful to politicians when it comes to fighting some of the less pleasant campaigners.

“Many countries are doing more than they are willing to sign up to internationally. That’s a good circumstance and when we get to 2015 and it’s time to fulfil the commitment to a globally binding commitment, we’ll be part of the way there because of what local legislators have done.”