COP19: Lizzy Clark on youth participation at the talks

COP19 (15/11/2013) – Lizzy Clark, UK Youth Climate Coalition, talks about the youth participation at COP 19.

She says young people have organised their own side event on the topic of divesting away from fossil fuel industries. She says there have been a number of divestment campaigns across the world, with several beginning in the UK, and that young people want to use this event to get the sponsors of COP 19 to come along and hear about divesting away from fossil fuels.

She goes on to say that the UK Youth Climate Coalition and YOUNGO – which represents all of the young people at COP 19 – are standing in solidarity with Yeb Sano who is fasting for the duration of COP 19 following Typhoon Haiyan. She says his speech earlier this week, brought home how serious climate change is for her generation and generations to come.

She says that people in the UK are starting to listen – even people who have not been involved with the climate movement – and now want to get involved.