COP19: Golo Joachim Pilz speaks about India's solar power potential

COP19: Golo Joachim Pilz speaks about India’s solar power potential

COP19 (14/11/13) – Golo Joachim Pilz, Director of the Solar Research Institute in India, believes it is important to practically demonstrate alternative clean energy generation.

The Institute has undertaken 25 research projects in cooperation with the German and Indian governments focusing on solar steam generation systems for cooking and independent power generation.

Renewable energy can often be inconsistent so he highlights the need for systems that are able to store energy.

His organisation has found an innovative way to store the energy and he goes into some detail about the system they use. He hopes that this system will be replicated for small to medium scale energy storage projects in the future.

He believes India has a huge potential for renewable energy, particularly solar power. The technology for this shift is available however finances and political will currently stand in the way.

Regarding India’s calls for equity, he agrees that in order for India to make a transition it need technology transfer and that an agreement on finance needs to be reached.