Fernando Delgado

COP19: Fernando Delgado on the use of efficient waste water systems in Mexico

COP19 (18/11/13) – Fernando Delgado, Vert Energy Solutions talks about how Vert Energy Solutions was set up with the objective of bringing the most efficient technologies to Mexican water utilities and industrial users. He says that the company’s work intends to have a significant economic impact on the country by encouraging waste water treatment companies to switch to cleaner technologies.

Delgado says that because waste water treatment plants require a lot of electric power, Vert Energy Solutions are proposing to take the carbon footprint that comes from waste water treatment and lower it.

He says that in Mexico, sewage mining is being implemented by Israeli company Applied Clean Tech. In addition, Mexican water utility company, OQM, is piloting a system where sewage can be used to give sustainable raw materials.

He says all of these technologies are important: Mexico has a target to achieve 100% sewage treatment by 2030, however, treating all of this waste water will increase their carbon footprint. As a result, Delgado says their work is useful despite strong competition in the field.