COP19: Stella Bianchi on Italy and the European Union

COP19: Stella Bianchi on Italy and the European Union

COP19 (20/11/13) – Stella Bianchi a Member of the Italian Parliament talks to RTCC in light of the civil society walk out.

She empathises with the frustrations felt by civil society as the progress in this process is too slow. The damages being caused by climate change are dramatic and greater ambition and progress is needed to address it.

She says that along with the Philippines, the Italian Island of Sardinia has also be touched by a climate impact recently leaving several dead.

With the new IPCC report released last month, she says it should act as an even clear message to leaders to act on climate change. The European Unions must play a bigger role and take steps forward to regain the position as leaders within these talks.

It should not be a decision between addressing the economic or the climate crisis but instead promoting new development by addressing these issues at the same time. This is a great opportunity of Europe to harmonise its legislation and create more opportunities for people.