COP19: Sébastien Delahaye on ADB as ‘catalyst for mobilising finance for adaptation’

COP19 (20/11/13) -Sébastien Delahaye the Climate Change Specialist for the African Development Bank talks about the role that they are playing in mobilising finance for the African content to adapt to climate change.

There are huge adaptation needs on the African continent and finance is needed for them to do it.

The adaptation needs of Africa will increase over the next twenty or thirty years. In light of this, the African Development Bank has increased the number of projects and activities it has in climate finance. The role of the African Development Bank is to act as a catalyst for mobilising finance for adaptation and mitigation and these have been demonstrated in their activities over the last two years.

They are in a position to mobilise additional sources of finances and mobilise the private sector. He sees the African Development Bank as broker to facilitate the availability of such financing to the continent and increase the number of projects that will be climate resilient and contribute to mitigating climate change on the continent.