Rolf Holub, Land Kärnten

Rolf explains he is at COP21 to promote the Environment Conference of the Regions of Europe, which represents 140 regions working across Europe to take climate action. He believes regions have a strong role to play as they work from the bottom up and have a practical and realistic approach to tackling climate change compared to the national level. Rolf tells Climate Home about the role of youth in the Environment Conference of the Regions of Europe and how valuable their perspectives and ideas are. When asked whether he is satisfied about the Austrian INDC’s, Rolf believes that Austria can always do better but understands that one has to have realistic targets. He think the 2020 target will be easy to reach but is concerned about Austria’s ability to meet their 2030 goals. Finally, he comments on the current refugee crisis in Europe and says the volume of people crossing Austria’s border is only the beginning of what is to come when there are climate refugees in the future.