COP18: Understanding the multiple benefits of ecosystem-based adaptation

COP18 (27/11/12) – Keith Alverson, Chief of Climate Change Adaptation and Terrestrial Ecosystems at UNEP talks about the organisation’s work on climate change adaptation.

He talks about several of the projects UNEP has focused on adaptation including their Global Adaptation Network which aims to assist countries to share best practices and their work assisting countries to attain funding for adaptation.

He also talks about the importance of ecosystem-based adaptation and the role it can play in increasing the effectiveness of some of the more concrete adaptation methods – such as dams or sea walls.

He says it is important that they don’t parachute projects into a country and that they work within a community to ensure the multiple benefits of such methods. He uses the example of growing mangroves which would not only help build resilience to storm surges but also allow for communities to get access to firewood and even produce honey.